About Us


Company Philosophy:

Tirondola Painting; a family tradition since 1957

Mark Tirondola Painting Contractor has been in business for more than 25 years. Our company sets out to add visual appeal and value to the exterior and interior of your home. Mark believes in giving his personal attention to every job and guaranteeing the quality and longevity of his work. We take pride in our friendly atmosphere, making your home beautification process more pleasant.


Mark Tirondola has been painting most of his life, learning the painting trade at his fathers side. He began working for his father’s company at the age of twelve. The experience he gained over the years helped him formulate new methods and ideas for his own company. Mark Tirondola Painting Contractor Inc. was born in 1985. With his new company he strived to bring a new quality to painting. His standard of quality, preparation and wood restoration ensures that all homes are properly prepared to paint. Several levels of sanding are used in his method to get to the bare wood, creating a wonderfully flat, gouge-less surface. This method sets him apart from all other companies.

Mark’s years of experience ensure  personal and environmental safety. Hepa vacuum systems are used. For interior work, negative airflow systems are available.

Our highly skilled crews are an extension of Mark Tirondola’s high standard of quality. The company’s philosophy of providing a friendly environment and personal attention is maintained throughout the job. Each individual employee is trained to follow Mark’s strict system of painting. The crews foreman, along with Mark and his head foreman, supervise each job.