Dear Mark

I recently had the exterior of my house painted by your company. I would like to thank you and especially commend your crew for the incredible paint job that was provided.

Initially, Gabby and Sergio came over in order to assist me with color selection and to perform a “walk about” of the house prior to the start of the job. Both Gabby and Sergio were punctual, Knowledgeable and extremely professional. They went over every aspect of the job with me, reassuring me that everything would go smoothly.

The first day of work was postponed due to inclement weather , but on the second day, the house was almost completly sanded down to the originalwood. The job was kept unbelievably clean and organized. No dust or debris entered my house whatsover due to your crew’s efficient and immaculate paint practice. The entire job was completed in four days, as Maurizio added extra manpower in order to get the job completed more quickly. Maurizio kept me informed of everything during the whole paint process and was a true pleasure to speak with.

Gabby, Sergio, Maurizio and his crew should all be commended for their hard work, attention to detail and overall devotion to their respective positions at Tirondola Painting. I will Definitly recommend you to my friends.

Thanks you again for an outstanding paint job!!

Lucretia McGrath

Dear Mr. Tirondola

I never write a testimonial follow up services I’he received as I expect satisfactory work for the amount i am charged. However in your case i have to make an exception. My wife and i are so pleased with our house

painting job that i must tell you how we feel. From the movement the crew arrived they were extremely courteous. They took care to protect our shrubs and various outdoor objects. Their Workmanship was excellent and very nice touch on her part. Mauriccio the crew chief was so careful whenever he came into the house by removing his shoes and very careful to explain what was happening through out the entire process. The results can speak for themselves…. THE HOUSE IS GORGEOUS !…. Thanks for building a business that can be highly recommended.

Joe & Joan Schulte

Verona, N.J.

Mr. Tirondola:

Your company just finished painting my house and I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the work your staff performed. The house looks fantastic and this is beacause of the attention to detail and first class work that staff brought to this job.

Starting from the begnning of the process everyone at company has been courteous, friendly and professional. Everything that was promised was done in a timely manner and executed flawlessly. I especially want to advise you how happy we were with Eric and his crew, Mauricio and Sergio. The painters were unfailingly polite,neat,and always seemed to be working with smiles on their faces. Mauricio and Sergio were professional and responded promptly to every question we had.

I will, in the future, strongly recommend you to all who ask.

Ira J. Gold

Dear Mr. Tirondola,

I know people are fast to write and complain, so I thought i would take this opportunity to tell you how pleased i am with the house, your office staff and last but not least your workers.Roguelio, Franklin, Arnaldo, Primo and Sergio were a pleasure to deal with (if i forgot anyone i apologize). Each day they arrived promptly and worked continually until five or six o’clock in the evening. Sergio and Arnaldo would drop by a number of times during the day to make sure

everything was going smoothly. In today’s world it is not often that you find such a fine work ethic. I really appreciated Rugelio bringing my paper to me each morning on his way into the backyard. I broke my foot and being in a wheelchair i couldn’t get to it.

Each time i see a Mark Tirondola sign on a lawn, I will that there must be a satisfied customer inside that house. It will my pleasure to recommend your company to friends.

Kathie Cocca, 16 Prescott Ave

Montclair, N.J. 07042

Dear Mr. Tirondola,

Last week my house in Secaucus was painted by one of your crews. I am writing to say how extremely pleased i am with the quality of the work and the performance of the crew. They were competent, Prompt and courteous. Each day when their work was through, they cleaned up and left everything in excellent fashion. The supervisiors, Sergio & Mauricio monitored the work so that it met their high standards.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone that know. I have had considerable work done in my home over the last few years. No one came near matching your standards. Often i was left to clean up after the workers.

Thanks you for a job very well done!!!

Barbara Strobert, 95 Franklin Street
Secaucus, NJ

Dear Mark:

I wanted to drop you this short note on behalf of Suzanne and myself to thanks you for the wonderful paint job on our house.

We have owned single family homes since 1968 and have had many of them painted, but never with the quality and workmanship that your firm provided on our present home. Your employees are an absolute pleasure and you should be very proud of them, as they are truly devoted to their work and producing a superior product. My entire house Premises were kept extremely clean and I never found a speck of paint on any of our grounds. The paint you suggested looks great and, hopefully, it will be long lasting.

Again, thanks you so much for a very great finished product.

Theodore A. Schwartz

Dear Mark and staff,

I want to thank you for the beautiful job done Jane Street property in Weehawken. I especially want to thanks Sergio for insisting on the attention to detail that has led many of my neighbors to let me know “it looks great!” on a regular basis.

Sergio and crew did a fantastic job-you’ve got a real treasure there, and I,m very happy to recommend your company to anyone looking for a contractor who’ll actually complete the work with the care and attention to detail that any homeowner would do themselves-if they could!

Thanks again-I’m happy the neighbors are happy, and like to believe that my friend who lived here for 82 years until her passing last june is, too.

Elyssa Gundersen

Dear Mark

Just a short note to let you know pleased we are with the recent work that was done on our house. Gabi and Jean agreed on a great color scheme that has brought many from our neighbors.

In particular, I want to tell you how pleased we were with the crew that prepared and painted our house. They were courteous, professional and efficient.

It should also be noted that we were impressed with the preparation process and with the adherence to EPA guidlines for controlling dust.

Steve Martin

Dear Mark:

This is to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job you did when painting our home.

As you know, home improivement projects can be very stressful but your workers were the best I have ever worked with. Everyone was professional and responsive beyond my expectations.

You can rest assured that I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is considering a painting project.

Thanks again for having a business that sets and exceeds the standards for excellence in painting.

Phyllis & Steve Morgan

West Orange,New Hersey

Last summer I solicited 5 estimates to paint my large clapboard, heavily trimmed 150 year old house and small two car garage.

The house had been stripped completely about ten years before when it was last painted.

Two of the painting contractors never submitted and estimate.
Two of the the three submitted estimates similar and a third a lower estimate.

I chose Tirandola because of the detailed and explicit description of what would be done and precisely .how..and why it would be done that way. Also all precise paint qualities were clearly stipulated, discussed and negotiated ..upfront..

A separate carpentry estimate was also provided and it was explained how this work would be coordinated with the painting work.

All of this was written down on a couple of sheets of contract. I signed and provided 10% of the estimate and my job was scheduled. The wet early summer delayed the planned work but I was kept informed and assured that it would be done before summer’s end.

The job entailed steps stipulated by no other painting contractor. Specifically, the entire house was machine sanded and wiped clean in pieces and high quality oil-based primer was applied to every inch of the house.

Next, a coat of high quality “duration” paint was applied to all surfaces in one of five colors ultimately used.

The entire job was then hand sanded and wiped clean again and a second finish coat of duration applied.

It was not easy to pick the final colors and Guillermo, the crew chief was extremely patient and helpful…He guided me to very beautiful selections step by step…We worked closely and patiently together to decide how to make the extensive trim pop without being garish.
He in the end picked or heavily influenced my selection of colors in an entirely collaborative way. He sent me to several other homes his crew had painted elsewhere . This was extremely helpful.

The crew was Guillermo and two other men. They arrived each day at 7 AM and got right to work by 7:30…they cleaned up completely each and every day. They worked six days each week until they were done until 4:30 PM each day. They worked hard &fast ..They worked together joyously without complaint or disagreement. They worked silently and inobtrusively.
They were never a bother and always pleasant . Only Guillermo communicated to us and he with them. They were highly skilled , incredibly neat and polite and civil. The job was large but I never got sick of having them around.

The carpenter did his jobs well and in synch with the painters and did professional quality work.

Joe, the job foreman came around twice a week , collected money as the job progressed and interceded with the crew to confirm what the contract included or did not include…It included everything relevant to the job and there were NO unpleasant surprises.

Mark the owner, was involved in selling his services , estimating and writing a clear and all inclusive contract. He obviously runs the kind of shop where his foremen and crews value their jobs highly , take pride in their work and perform it to the customer’s satisfaction with NO NEED for his intervention. Mark Tirandola treats his customers and his employees well and runs a class show. His office is also responsive and pleasant and the message gets to whomever it needs to get to with certainty . Follow up is certain & swift.

Obviously , I would strongly and unreserved recommend Tirandola Painting contractors for quality work, top shelf customer service and timely efficient and pleasant workers and the highest quality work and service.

The owner of a large, well loved and beautiful 150 year old greek revival empire style home