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Our highly skilled crews can work with you to renovate the interior of your home, paying special attention to detail. We specialize in chemical stripping, a technique used to remove layers of paint found on old wood. This technique can restore your wood to its original state or transform it to a gorgeous stained finish, as well as create a smooth surface for paint. Painting will be done as follows: Finishing sanders are used to sand walls, ceilings and woodwork; cracks will be repaired with fiberglass mesh tape where needed; skim coat with plaster mix will be applied to all repaired areas. Repaired areas will be prime coated; windows will be scraped, primed, re-glazed where needed and razor glass cleaned. Wallpaper will be removed and walls will be prepared for painting. Latex-based paint is used on walls and ceilings.Oil based is used on trim.

Suite Dreams

Rina Capodieci-Quinn, the principal designer and owner of RCQ Design, along with her senior designers Amanda Arditti and Lindsay Nally look at each….

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Whimsical in Wyckoff

Interior designer Raina Capodieci-Quinn adores color. Case in point:this anything-but-shy bathroom. Her client? A spirited preteen…

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